Document and Trie Processing.

ldoc_trie_char_t Union Reference

Version: 0.1.1

Character pointer types. More...

#include <trie.h>

Public Attributes

void * c0
char * c8
uint16_t * c16
uint32_t * c32

Detailed Description

Character pointer types.

Member Data Documentation

void* ldoc_trie_char_t::c0

Arbitrary character pointer (void pointer).

uint16_t* ldoc_trie_char_t::c16

16-bit character pointer for use with UTF16.

uint32_t* ldoc_trie_char_t::c32

32-bit character pointer for use with UTF32.

char* ldoc_trie_char_t::c8

C character pointer (most likely byte oriented; check your compiler).

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