Document and Trie Processing.

ldoc_pld_t Union Reference

Version: 0.1.1

Payload data types for datums. More...

#include <document.h>

Public Attributes

bool bl
char * str
ldoc_raw_t raw
ldoc_doc_anno_t pair
ldoc_py_t py

Detailed Description

Payload data types for datums.

Data types of payloads that are associated with datums.

Member Data Documentation

bool ldoc_pld_t::bl


ldoc_doc_anno_t ldoc_pld_t::pair

Annotation pair (datum + annotation payload)

ldoc_py_t ldoc_pld_t::py

Python object. Note: Removed when LDOC_NOPYTHON is defined.

ldoc_raw_t ldoc_pld_t::raw

Raw data structure.

char* ldoc_pld_t::str

Null-terminated string.

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