Document and Trie Processing.

ldoc_trie_nde_t Struct Reference

Version: 0.1.1

Trie node. More...

#include <trie.h>

Public Attributes

ldoc_trie_ptr_t tpe
uint16_t size
ldoc_trie_char_t chr
struct ldoc_trie_nde_t ** dscs
ldoc_trie_alloc_t alloc
ldoc_trie_anno_t anno

Detailed Description

Trie node.

Member Data Documentation

ldoc_trie_alloc_t ldoc_trie_nde_t::alloc

Node type (root, empty, or annotation).

ldoc_trie_anno_t ldoc_trie_nde_t::anno


ldoc_trie_char_t ldoc_trie_nde_t::chr

Character array that determines the character of descendant (via dscs) nodes.

For types EN_ALPH and EN_ALPHNUM the pointer c0 is set to NULL and the length of the dscs pointer array is determined by the implicitly represented characters as described by ldoc_trie_ptr_t.

struct ldoc_trie_nde_t** ldoc_trie_nde_t::dscs

uint16_t ldoc_trie_nde_t::size

Number of elements in the character array (chr), if applicable.

ldoc_trie_ptr_t ldoc_trie_nde_t::tpe

Type of the trie node, which determines the data structure used for the character array (chr) and linking its descendants (dscs).

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