Document and Trie Processing.

ldoc_trie_nde_arr_t Struct Reference

Version: 0.1.1

Trie-node array. More...

#include <trie.h>

Public Attributes

size_t wptr
size_t max
ldoc_trie_nde_t ** nds

Detailed Description

Trie-node array.

A trie-node array is filled up to the index denoted by wptr and its allocated memory is sufficient to hold up to max entries. Indexes from wptr to max are unassigned and should not be accessed.

Member Data Documentation

size_t ldoc_trie_nde_arr_t::max

Maximum number of nodes that the array can hold without reallocating memory.

ldoc_trie_nde_t** ldoc_trie_nde_arr_t::nds

Actual array of trie nodes.

size_t ldoc_trie_nde_arr_t::wptr

Write pointer. Index at which the next node will be placed.

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