Document and Trie Processing.

Version: 0.1.1

A document node. More...

#include <document.h>

Public Member Functions

 TAILQ_HEAD (ldoc_nde_list, ldoc_nde_t) dscs
 TAILQ_HEAD (ldoc_ent_list, ldoc_ent_t) ents
 TAILQ_ENTRY (ldoc_nde_t) ldoc_nde_entries

Public Attributes

struct ldoc_nde_tprnt
ldoc_struct_t tpe
ldoc_doc_anno_t mkup
uint32_t lpth
uint32_t ent_cnt
uint32_t dsc_cnt

Detailed Description

A document node.

A document node that itself can be marked up with an annotation and which has exactly one parent, zero or more node descendants, and zero or more entities associated with it (latter contain data pertaining to the node).

Note: A node can hold information about multiple entities, but a document has to follow a strict hierarchical structure. Markup overlaps need to be encoded via separate entities.

Member Function Documentation

ldoc_nde_t::TAILQ_ENTRY (ldoc_nde_t )

Internal list-pointer.

ldoc_nde_t::TAILQ_HEAD (ldoc_nde_list , ldoc_nde_t )

List of descendent nodes.

ldoc_nde_t::TAILQ_HEAD (ldoc_ent_list , ldoc_ent_t )

List of entities.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t ldoc_nde_t::dsc_cnt

Number of descending nodes.

uint32_t ldoc_nde_t::ent_cnt

Number of entities.

uint32_t ldoc_nde_t::lpth

Longest path to a leaf.

ldoc_doc_anno_t ldoc_nde_t::mkup

Optional node annotation (markup).

struct ldoc_nde_t* ldoc_nde_t::prnt

Parent node.

ldoc_struct_t ldoc_nde_t::tpe

Node type.

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