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Speed-Reading and Skimming.


Revolutionary Reading Stack

Every imported article is analyzed for the mention of buzzwords, companies, products and locations, which are then summarized in your reading stack. Discover the most promising reads at a glance and skip the rest!

Speed Reading and Skimming

Boost your speed reading and skimming skills with Brightword's highlighted text features! Brightword uses sophisticated Natural Language Processing techniques to enhance your reading experience, so that you can focus on the content that matters!

iCloud Synchronization

Seamlessly synchronize your reading stack across your devices using iCloud. Build your reading stack on-the-go with your iPhone, then later, read and reduce your reading stack on the couch or in bed with your iPad.

Selection of Supported Web-Sites





Ars Technica


The Guardian



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Web-Site Import

Web-page refuses to import

It is the internet, so there are some web-pages which are “broken”. That means that the HTML code for the web-page is in a state where a browser might still show content, but Brightword cannot make sense of it.

Please contact support if you think the web-page is just fine and Brightword is not behaving correctly.

No highlighting shown and/or empty page

If you see no highlighting and/or an empty page in Brightword, then it was not possible for the app to determine which parts of the web-page are actual text. In any case, you will be able to view the original page by selecting “Open in Safari…” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen though.

A lot of engineering went into the design of Brightword’s content-extraction algorithm. The algorithm needs to be stringent enough to remove web-page menus, advertisements, comment sections, and other non-essential content, but also lax enough to keep all of the actual text on a web-page. For some web-pages, this is incredibly hard and maybe impossible to do, especially when the main-text of a web-page is marked as comment section or in a similar confusing way.

Please contact support with the web-page address that fails to show content.


Last names are shown as locations

Some last names coincide with city names. Brightword tries to distinguish last names and city names, but it does not always work perfectly.

Nouns and adjectives are highlighted wrongly

Brightword uses Apple’s linguistic tagger to determine part-of-speech. It works pretty well, but it is not 100% accurate in all situations. Please consider that all of the text processing is done on your iPhone/iPad, so there are limitations to how accurate the linguistic tagger can be.

As a side note: Brightword does not highlight a number of superlatives to improve speed-reading and skimming.


iCloud switch is always “on”

Brightword is set to always synchronize with iCloud at the moment. If you really want to disallow Brightword from using iCloud, then please go to your iPhone’s/iPad’s “Settings”, tap “iCloud”, then tap “iCloud Drive”, and flip the switch for “Brightword” to the “off” position.