End User License Agreements

BioInterchange is licensed via End-User License Agreements (EULAs). EULAs renew every month, which has many benefits over upfront payments:

Small Investment
If you only need to work with your data for a few weeks at a time, then only pay for an EULA when you need it!
Upgrade/downgrade between EULAs as your team grows and shrinks. Moved from working with human genomic samples to a model organism? Then simply choose EULAs that are not HIPAA compliant, but which are also more cost effective!
Free Updates
Genomic file format specifications are a moving target. Instead of paying for new versions of BioInterchange when GFF3-, GVF-, VCF-specifications change, just receive updates for free as part of the EULA. Not to spill the beans, but there might be support for genomics formats and more, which are also going to be free updates.

Summary: Terms & Conditions


End-user licenses give you the right to execute the software.

Individual Licenses and Team Licenses are restricted to a maximum number of simultaneous users.

Cloud, Cluster & HIPAA Licenses permit an unlimited number of users.

Licenses are limited for use by

  • individuals on personal projects (Individual Licenses),
  • teams or groups within companies or institutes (Team Licenses), or
  • anyone in an institute or consortium (Cloud, Cluster & HIPAA Licenses).


Licenses are invoiced as a recurring monthly payment. The recurring payment can be canceled at any time; the license is still valid until the end of the current payment period. No pro rated refunds are available.

MasterCard and VISA credit/debit cards are accepted for balancing invoices. Payments have to be made in Canadian Dollars (C$). Other payment methods or change in currency need to be negotiated on a case by case basis.

License Validation

License keys are stored in a file that is read when the software is executed.

Individual Licenses, Small Lab Licenses, and Team Licenses are validated over a secured HTTPS connection with a server at CODAMONO.

Cloud, Cluster & HIPAA Licenses operate 100% offline to ensure data confidentiality.

License Termination

In the case of shenanigans, CODAMONO reserves the right to terminate licenses without pro rated refunds at any point.

License Purchase Form


  • prices shown exclude tax for Canada/U.S; prices exclude tax for EU countries and Japan (reverse charge mechanism applies)
End User License Agreement
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